Talofa! Greetings from Samoa
Once again God continues to answer prayer and we are overwhelmed by His goodness. The love of God is never-ending, never fails, and is ever-present. We have seen souls saved, lives changed, and continue to work sharing the gospel and discipleship.

I passed the Exhorter Exam! I had been putting if off and finally did it! I am sitting in our new office for the Church of God World Missions Samoa Outreach and Learning Center we call it SOLC because it is Soul-Centered!  We hope to have CAMS classes in the future and other classes too. We are trusting God in all those “next” steps.  
The white bags of shoes reminded me of seed sacks that we used in North Dakota growing up.  We are sowing seed and also seeing the harvest. God is amazing.
Our home has become a place for home fellowship and with recent elections that are not settled yet. The venue the church rented is not available. So we are having church at our house. What a wonderful opportunity to see the Kingdom of God grow. Yes, that is me at the microphone, I was just getting us started for the evening. We also have attended and ministered at various churches other than our sponsoring church. We attended Cornerstone, At His Word Church, and Faith Hope and Love In Christ.
            The pictures below are also one of the two schools we have adopted. Aele Fou Primary had an Easter program we were invited to. It was wonderful to see Jesus in the public schools here! No bunnies, no baskets just JESUS. We were honored guests and sat with the community members committee.
We recently completed an event at St Paul’s Academy another public school. We were able to distribute 531 pairs of shoes! The team were members of our sponsoring church Great Harvest Church of God. We have another scheduled outreach on May 21st and will be purchasing 775 pairs of shoes by faith!
Not pictured this month Campus of Hope and Samoa Victims Support Group.
Again thank you !! Here are some prayer requests for this month.  If you would like to give towards the work here in Samoa follow the link below.
  1. Souls for the Kingdom and Lives Changed!
  2. Continued strength to complete the assignments
  3. Scheduled Shoe Outreach May 21st then to 2 smaller schools on the other side of island
  4. Safe arrival of barrels from USA now scheduled May 3rd
  5. Wisdom and discernment moving forward with Samoa Outreach and Learning Center (SOLC)
  6. Favor for grant for land lease for SOLC
  7. Continued safety no Covid on island
  8. Pray for the government of Samoa as elections are not final we take no stand politically but pray for peace and safety
  9. Our family in the USA
Mindy has been teaching Romans and last night this verse resonated in my spirit
Romans 8:38,39 For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Jim and Mindy ask: 
"If you have time send us an email even to say hello. We still are unable to get mail from the USA only DHL and FedEx. We do miss our family and friends but we know that God has called us here and we are not moved by what we feel or see. We are trusting God in this journey and praying for souls."
Lead Church supports the Wiese's monthly. If you would like to give toward supporting them, you can do so through our online giving under "Samoa".

In 2002, Church of God World missions appointed the Tanners as the Cross Cultural Coordinators to Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg).  During their time in Benelux the Tanners worked with English speaking, non-indigenous people groups from Romania, Poland, Brazil, Nigeria, and Ghana. Their ministry as guardians of the light focused on training, discipleship, church planting, and establishing a training center in Rotterdam.

In 2008 at the General Assembly of the Church of God in San Antonio, Texas, the Tanners were asked to go to Scotland where Dennis was appointed as the Administrative Bishop. There were five Church of God congregations of less than 200 members and only seven ministers when they arrived in Scotland for the first ministers meeting in October of 2008. In 2018 there are now 15 churches, over 600 members and 29 licensed ministers.

The Tanners say, “It is not enough to build a building, start a school, or finance an orphanage if we do not have contingency plans to maintain the ministry and guard the light to make sure the effectiveness does not dim or go out in the years to come.” A lighthouse without a guardian of the light will not be effective and result in the loss of life and property.

As  guardians of the light, the Tanners’ vision remains constant: “reach the lost, disciple and train new Christians, develop leaders and plant churches among the displaced persons, and provide and maintain a guiding light to help people find the safety of eternal life”


Lead Church supports the Tanners monthly. If you would like to give toward supporting them, you can do so through our online giving under "UK & Scotland".